Friday, February 12, 2010


It snowed here in Tallassee!! We have had so much fun. Michael was off today, he's supposed to be off every Friday, but usually he has to go in anyway. School was cancelled so Dalt and I were off too!! And of course we kept little Dyl pickle here too! Dylan was so confused. He kept asking "are we going to school? Is it raining?" He has seen snow before, but he just didn't remember. Dalton was just purely excited. Dylan doesn't like the cold so much so he wanted to stay inside and watch Lightning McQueen. Dalton and Michael rode the 4-wheeler like mad men. We ate waffles this morning with Mama and Daddy then came home to Michael and Dalton and a big fire in the fire pit outside. So much fun!! Now we're in and watching Monster's Inc. The boys have had their baths and they're all cozied up to the fire watching a movie. It's been a perfect day. I hope tomorrow we can play in the snow a bit more. Hug your families tight!!

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