Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May 1st!

This is an exciting month that we are in. It is exciting not for the reason that it's my birthday....but because it's the end of school!! I am so so so ready for summer. Dalton graduates on May the 8th from preschool. Next Friday is going to be a good day for Dalton. I have to think of some fun things for us to do. I am taking the day off so I plan to make it special for him.

I hope to be posting some new pictures of the boys soon. I got their school pics yesterday and I paid 82 bucks. They tried to tell me what an awesome deal that was. I'm still trying to find the good deal in that. But I did get 8 photo sheets and an 11*13 as well as 2 totes with their pics on them. Their pictures are good though. We stayed out late last night showing the pictures to the grandparents. We went to my parents and gave them some, then to Michael's parents and gave them some. We didn't get home til after 9 then it was time for a bath. They were so nasty, they played outside at school then at the playground at church and on the dirtpile behind the church. We also went to Target before all of the picture stuff. We got Katie's birthday gift then ate pizza. The boys love sitting at the bar in pizza hut at Target.

This swine flu thing is so weird to me. Everyone around here is freaking out. They have canceled all school trips and are now thinking about youth baseball being canceled. So strange...oh well at least if I get it and die, then I know I'm going to spend eternity in heaven. I'm not so worried about a mass infection though. That's just really kinda funny to me. At least right now it is, we'll see what I think in a few weeks.

Last night I ran over Dalton's toe in Target with the buggy. I didn't think it was that bad, I told him to stop whining and quit getting on and off of the buggy. We have the same conversation everytime we're in the store. I didn't think anything was different. I asked why he was limping a little while later and he said it was because I ran over his foot. I told him I was sorry that it hurt, but he should stay on the buggy when I'm pushing. So...when I bathed him last night I was scrubing his feet and he started screaming for me to stop. I told him that I had to get that black stuff off of his toenails ( his crocs always turn his toes black after a long day in the dirt). He said that's where you ran over my toe!! I felt horrible at that point. I had no idea that I had really hurt him that badly. Maybe we won't have to have the whole stay on the buggy conversation anymore.

I gave Dylan a sweettart and he said "what is dees mama" I told him sweet tarts. He said "I like dees" then a few minutes later he asked "what is dees mama" Again I said "sweet tarts" and again he replied "I like dees, sour" He always eats everything first then asks what it is...he always likes whatever it is unless it's a soft tortilla shell. Sweet boys!

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