Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Too Long

It's been too long since an update, so much has happened and I have so many pics, I'm at a loss of where to start. I have a preschool graduate in my house now! Dalton graduated on May 8th. Michael and I were both off to spend the day with our Big Man. We kept Dylan out of school with us and after the graduation we went to pump it up in Montgomery for an hour of jumping fun. Then we went to Chic Fil A for the boys to play in the playground, then home. We had a great fun filled day! We're so proud of our Dalt.

We are having our last tee ball games this Thursday and Friday. Sad, but I'm ready to just enjoy playtime at home every night!

In the past week we have caught a billion frogs and buried a dead baby bird. I say we, I should say Dalton and Dylan. They are such little outdoorsmen.

Mothers Day was great. Michael took the afternoon off to be able to go to church with us Sunday night. We had to leave after Sunday School Sunday morning because Michael got sick, but he got in and cooled off and rested and felt some better by that evening. It was neat to sit in church with just him, like we used to. Dalton wanted to stay in the nursery with Dylan. It was nice. Oh my birthday is on the 18th so my boys gave me a brand new cannon camera for mothers day and my birthday!! I Love it. I have a million pics, but right now my computer won't post them for some reason. I'll upload pics later.

Hope you're all doing great! Hug your loved ones tightly, you never know if you'll have another chance to!

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