Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

Happy April Fool's day! Watch out for the pranksters! I told Dalton that he could tell someone they had a bug on their head. He asked if he could do that so I hope he doesn't get in trouble. At the school he's at, he just might!! I can't believe it's April already, time sure does fly. It will be Christmas again before we know it.
Tonight is church. It will be busy today, but enjoyable.
Keep us in your prayers tomorrow. We find out today what time the surgery will be. We have been taling about how excited we are that his ears won't hurt anymore after today. I hope that gives him peace. We have prayed and I'm asking you to pray that tomorrow goes smoothly and that Dalton and myself maintain our composure. I'm afraid if he gets upset then I might too, even though I know it's not a huge ordeal. He is my baby though.

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Leigh Ann said...

You know we will be praying for you and for him. Keep us posted!