Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sleepless nights

Well, we've been functioning on a few hours of sleep each night. Other than that we're great. By the time we get home from work and school, we're pooped. Dalton is grumpy and Dylan is whiney. Last night we had church and it didn't go too great. Dylan cried the entire time, "I want my mommy"I heard him crying in the hallway. Dalton yelled at me in the classroom that share time was taking too long. I took him out of the room to let him calm down in time out. He sat and when we got up to go back he started screaming again. It was a meltdown night all the way around. We left early. We got home and they both went straight to bed. Dalton got up 4 times trying to get into our bed, every time it was refused, but I would have liked to sleep. Dylan woke up at 4:30 wanting his Lightning McQueen book. It was on the floor by his bed but I had to go hand it to him. Then at 5 he had to go tee tee. It's strange how he even wakes up at home to tee tee in the potty, but they say that he won't go for them at daycare. I'm not so sure if it's that he won't go for them, or they won't take him. Oh well....

I'm ready to go get them today and have a nice evening at home. I've been cooking every evening and Dalt and Dyl have helped but that takes a lot of time. Tonight I think we'll do sandwiches and relax with some lincoln logs and tinker toys. We'll see how they feel.
Please pray that Ella gets to go home today. Consider being a part of the prayer chain. You can email Shana Knight to reserve a 30 minute slot. Her email is

We have a lady at our church who had surgery on her foot months ago and it's still not healing. She's been ordered to stay home another 2 weeks and then the possibility of skin grafts. Her name is Nadine and she could use our prayers. She could be faced with losing her job if she can't get back to work. So stressful. Please pray.

My cousin Staci is at home and doing good. Thanks for your prayers on her behalf. Crohns is a terrible disease.

Yall have a good day.

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