Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Long Weekend!

Wow it was great! I got home Friday and all of my family was home. Michael was off Friday. Dalton was laying in the chair. I asked who wanted to go outside and jump. No one took me up on my offer. Not even Dalton. I knew something was wrong. 102 degree temp. He told me last Sunday that he felt a bubble in his ear. I asked if it hurt, put drops in, gave Motrin, and thought it had passed. Nope...ear infection. Michael took him to the doctor Saturday morning at 9.

Me, Dylan, my mama and daddy were on the way to Nikki's for Christmas. The Wilkerson Christmas. We missed Nick, Sinda, and Keira and Aunt Di and Uncle Gerry so much. I hate that they couldn't be with us. We had so much fun getting to catch up. I ate way too much. Dylan made the whole trip with a dry pull up. Of course he would say "I need to tee tee" and we would pull over and let him, but the important thing is that he tells us. Such a big 2 year old. He missed Dalton. He said "and Dalt Dalt too" a million times. Even though they fuss they are inseperable. Sweet boys.

Saturday when we got home Dalton was smiling. He had a dose of antibiotics, motrin, and got some new tools from Sears and he was happy. Michael said he cried a few times throughout the day because he wanted to go with me so bad. The night was filled with WII games.

Sunday Michael woke up with a headache so he missed church. He assembled Dylans toddler bed and Dylan napped in it after church. He liked it and he stayed in it. Thank you so much Matt and Tina for the baby bed. It was sad to take it down but I have to let go of the baby. Sunday night we spent the night at my parents house. I took the boys to Dairy Queen and then my parents. Dalt threw up in DQ. I took Dylan to the potty and when I came back Mama said Dalt had gotten sick. Antibiotics:) Gotta love 'em.

Monday we spent the morning with Michael then went grocery shopping. Cooked lentil soup. Yummy, got the recipe from Rachel Ray. Dalton was super excited about that. He loves Rachel! Made homemade cornbread, chicken pot pie and ribs in the crock pot. The chicken pot pie is for a church member who's sick, but the rest is for us this week. YUMMY!

Oh we watched an old black and white version of the Titanic yesterday just me and the boys. Dalton sobbed. He didn't think it was real, but when I told him it was a true story, he lost it. He is so tender hearted. Busy day, peaceful night. Dylan's at daycare in undies. Let's hope he comes home in pants. I sent 3 pair. He does great at home, but in public could be different. I'll post pics of the reunion when I get some.

Happy Birthday Jennifer! Keep my mother in law in your prayers today, doctor visit:) and as always keep praying for ELLA please consider being a part of the prayer chain from Feb 20-25th. Prayer changes things. Lets pray BIG don't box God in!

Love Dares yesterday and today are Love is not jealous appreciate your spouse (be his cheerleader) and Love makes a good impression, greet him with as much enthusiasm as you used to have when you saw his handsome face.

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