Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well....we are getting sleep again!! I'm so proud that our boys have been sleeping through the night all weekend!! It's great to get a good nights sleep. Weekend was great-it just flew by! We did alot of cooking. I love soup when it's cold so that's what we made. Dalton got to cook with me, he loves to cook, Dylan helped some but he can't do quite as much yet.
Michael bought us a new car yesterday! Total shock. We mentioned looking at one and then he just bought it! WOW. It's nice. An '03 GMC Yukon. It's white and VERY long! The boys were shocked but they love it! They each have their own seat. Dylan's in the middle and Dalton is WAY in the back. I'm sure it won't always stay that way, but that's what Dalt wanted. He loves the back! I hope we can keep this one for a long time. We've had the Explorer for 5 and a half years.

Michael also asked me out on a date for next weekend. I asked what was wrong, but he just laughed at me. We never go out on a date. If we go anywhere the boys are with us. And if he wants to eat out, I have to go pick it up and bring it home. But no, he actually wants me and him to go out to a restaurant!! I'm excited. First a car then a date...what next!

Please remember Ella and my mother in law. They are both doing good right now. My mother in law had surgery and remember Ella is going through chemo right now. This week has gone good for her. It's just sad that she has to endure this at all! Thanks!!

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Jennifer Stephens said...

I love the new ride!!! I know you were excited.

Russell and I went to Meridian to eat and watch a movie on Jan 24th. That was the first time in I cannot remember when that we left out of Clarkce County for more than an hour with no children. It was so nice! Of course we talked about the kids a lot of the time!

Maybe your Love Dare is rubbing off on Michael. We are showig Fireproof at our church on Feb 15th. I haven't asked Russell if he is going yet, normally he skipped out on that stuff. We will see.