Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

I can't believe I've gone so long with no post! This Chirstmas vacation was a nice relaxing time spent with family. I love Christmas and it comes and goes too quickly as we all rush about trying to tie up loose ends. This Christmas wasn't so rushed for us. I really enjoyed the down time with the fam. I ask the boys all the time during the break who was born at Christmas. Dalton has always answered correctly, "Jesus" Dylan however, always says "ME". He's a bit confused. You see we celebrate tons of birthdays at Chirstmas time. Dylan was born November 22, My mom in law on Dec 10, my neice Anna Beth on Dec. 16, My mom and Dalton on Dec. 21, My wonderful hubby on Dec. 23 and my sis Donna on Dec. 31. I can't blame Dylan for being a little confused. We have 3 nativity scenes out around the house and we talk about celebrating Jesus more than anything so he'll get it one day. We did bake our cake for Jesus and sang. No one ate the cake but me and Dyl. It was from scratch and I can honestly say that I would have preferred one from a box. I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil it just seemed real soggy?? Anyway it was the gesture.
Dalton has asked Santa for a motorcycle for the past 3 years. He still didn't get one. Santa said that he thought Dalton would drive too fast, and Dalt's reply was "he's right I'm not gonna drive slow." At least he's honest. We celebrated Christmas at my mom's on the 23rd, my inlaws the 24th and went to my sister's on the 30th for her birthday. Me and my mom stayed and kept the girls so she and Charlton could go out for dinner. They were only gone about an hour. Not long enough to enjoy time together. It was fun though. The 31st Leigh Ann came to Donna's and we enjoyed some family time. All the kids played so great together. They are growing up too fast. We brought Eli home with us so Dalton wouldn't pitch a fit about leaving. So when we got home, the boys jumped on the trampoline, we did jiffy pop on the firepit (Always follow the directions!) And then did lots of fireworks. Tons of fun. The next day (Jan 1st.) we took down our tree and cleaned the house. Dalton and Eli jumped and tied our four outdoor chairs into a horse chariot. Can't get in the playground without pushing all the chairs out of the way. Too cute. Then we watched Horton Hears a Hoo that night. We met Leigh Ann in Alex City to deliver Eli at 11 on the 2nd and we bought a Wii at WalMart. Dalton loves KungFuPanda. He likes to fight things. I'll have to post pics later. I do have some if I can just remember to post them. The boys are too sweet. Oh Dylan is potty training. He goes all day in underwear for me at the house. I'm sure he'll be distracted at school so we bought Pull Ups for there, but I'm so proud. He just turned two. No more diapers. Happy and Sad. Where have my babies gone?
As we think about resolutions our sunday school lesson was on new perspectives. We should always look to God to change us from the inside out. Look to the sky(His handiwork, truly Amazing), the scriptures, and within our heart for God to speak to us. I pray your new year is blessed and that you truly will enjoy the important things!

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