Monday, September 8, 2008

Marvelous Monday

This weekend was great, just too short as usual. I cherish the time that I get to spend at home with my family. It just goes too quickly. Every day I see how much they are growing and it just makes me smile. Friday afternoon the boys wanted to paint, we started out on paper and ended up paining their bodies. We had to rinse off with the water hose then moved onto the slip and slide. It was a fun afternoon.

Friday night was the ball game, we won and watched a very vulgar guest band at halftime. I felt as if I needed to cover my eyes let alone my children. Anyway the boys loved the music I don't think the dancing scarred them too much. Dalton likes to see "the girls with the shiney bootys". Our majorettes wear sequined uniforms and he loves them. At least we know he likes girls! I just hoped they wouldn't spark an interest so early! They both enjoyed the game but we left at halftime. It was already 9:00 and that's a half hour past bedtime. We got up early Saturday and went to Santuck. A big yard sale basically about 45 minutes from home. Dalton said "is this a guard sale?". Michael said "yep, if you have a guard you have to sell it." We missed a turn and went about 10 miles out of the way and then had to back track, but it was funny. At least it was time together. Dalton is a yard sale junky. He wanted to stay all day. He kept fishing through all the stuff and telling us to wait he was looking. Dylan almost fell asleep, but we managed to keep him entertained with food. Roasted corn and snow cones were our lunch! Then we listened to Bama win! Roll Tide, Auburn won as well (that was just for Michael and Christy as you know I don't even like the word) Sunday was church we learned two more Bible verses and one more book of the Bible. When we got home we watched Peter Pan. Dalton has never watched it all the way through but he and Dyl were just captivated by it. At bedtime (my favorite time) we read!! We read a chapter of a dino. book, a chapter of a Magic Treehouse Series book, and the Bible. Me, Dalt, and Dyl climb up in my bed and read then they go to bed. We love cuddling up to read. They love to read, it's fun. Dalton always says he has his imagination. Dylan just yells "tegasaurus" in a gruffy voice. He calls every dinosuar a stegasaourus or tyranasaurus. They were really sweet last night. They took a long bath because they were playing so nicely. They were driving cars on the edge of the tub. They sat in the floor by each other watching Peter Pan. I hope that they are always close, best friends. That's why we had two, we want them to always have at least one TRUE friend. That's what you have in a sibling. Someone to share the craziness and the memories of childhood.
Our FCA got a one hundred dollar donation! God is good. He will continue to bless, yall continue to pray!!

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