Friday, September 5, 2008


So glad it's Friday! Today should be uneventful. Yesterday was busy but good. Michael surprised us by getting home at 8 pm instead of 10 pm. He usually works 2-10 but yesterday he work 12-8. We were so happy to see him. I let the boys stay up 'til 9 to play. We were all in bed at 10:30. I got up at 5:30 to prepare breakfast for FCA. The meeting was great with about 50 or more in attendance. Steve Gandy was our speaker and he did an awesome job! Tonight we will go to the ballgame, the boys will love it. Last night Dylan was running around with his tongue out saying he was Lightnin' Keen. If you haven't seen Cars, there is a part where Lightning has to cross the finish line with his tongue out so he can win. It's too funny. When I picked the boys up Dylan was doing that at daycare too. Dalton had his first official homework. We're writing the letter Aa. He had so much fun. I'll have to post his handiwork on here later. It's just too fun watching them learn and grow. My cousin Christy mentioned that Aubrey has been working on math!! That is awesome they are too smart. Were we that smart?? If so what happened to me? I hope yall have a great Friday and awesome weekend, we will!

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