Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I did a lesson in my Health class last Friday about rumors. We are learning about adolescence and what a strange difficult time in life that is. I added that rumors and gossip about people is very hurtful and oftentimes unfounded. I told them to spread a rumor that I was pregnant. I only have 11 people in that class and our school is very small. Sunday at church my parents and my in laws were asking if I had something to tell them. Then my husband called and asked why people were asking him at work if I was pregnant. WOW when you tell kids to spead a rumor they really spread it. Turns out that one student who heard it went home and told their mom who told my sis in law.....Anyway I had to announce yesterday that I am not pregnant and that it was a class assignment that they all PASSED! It's a great lesson for us as adults to learn too. Always check with the source before you spread what you hear, find out if what you hear is really true. Alot of times a reputation can not be repaired:) The Bible has this to say about gossip "A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid a man [or woman] who talks too much" (Proverbs 20:19). Pretty good stuff!
I am attaching a photo of the kids. This pic was at Lukes first birthday party in Chelsea. Leigh Ann had it at her house. They had a pool and huge slide. The kids had a blast. We did too. It's neat to see how the kids have grown even since then, Luke was inside eating. It was too hot for him to be out there. There are a couple of Dalt and Dyl too. They are too sweet!
Yall have a great day!


Steven & Christy said...

Look at everyone, the babies,they are getting so big! Thank you for posting these pics. It is fun to see all the kids.

Jennifer Stephens said...

Great pics of the kids!!! That is so funny and true about the rumor, haha! I am suprised no one called us down here.