Monday, September 7, 2009

What a Weekend

I was so thankful that we got an extra day with the family this weekend. Michael has been working 12 hour days since a machine at work broke. So Saturday was his first off day for 7 days. The boys got up and ate a picnic breakfast and painted. After getting cleaned up we went ice skating. Once home the boys wanted a movie on the computer in our hallway. They love to hang a blanket up and make it really dark. They say it's their own theater. And we watched football. Roll Tide!!

Sunday we went to church and all got to sit together in big church. Dylan comes to the sanctuary on Sunday nights, but this Sunday he sat through morning service too. So big now. They both did great. We got lunch then baked cupcakes then settled in for a nap. After night church we went to Super WalMart in Auburn. We got home about 10 and then watched a movie in a sheet tent. We all stayed up til 11. Late night.

Today Michael and I cleaned up toys all day, we're still cleaning actually. Fun Fun. The boys have played so nicely. At lunch we made a trip to the ER. Dylan tripped over Dalton on the porch and conked his head. The knot was HUGE. We also noticed that Dyl was really guarding his right arm. He just kept crying and saying "mine arm hurts". On the way I was trying to comfort Dalton who thought it was all his fault. So sad to hear a 5 year old say "I wish it was me that got hurt, not my brother, I'm his protector" Anyway we left with no head trauma, thankfully, and with a buckle fracture of his right forearm. We go tomorrow for a cast, Dyl says he wants flames on it. He actually wants a pick cast like Grammy but Dad won't allow that. I think even I have to object to that as well. Pray for us. Maybe it will be quick and painless for the both of us.

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