Monday, September 7, 2009

Pics of the Weekend

Dylan's bo-bo, so thankful it didn't break the skin and require stitches.
Broken arm and all but he's still gotta attack Daddy with Dalton.

Showing off the splinting.

Another shot of the bo-bo, what a sweet face.

A different angle of the bo-bo, this thing is huge and ugly....

Dylan and a "football helmet"
Dalton the best big brother.
Dalton and Dylan being football players, we gotta get them some real helmets.
Dalton in one of the tents that we made this weekend.

One of Dylan's many hats, here he was being Darth Vader with his Light Saver...he will correct you if you say light saber. We just let him think he's right.
Sitting on a towel to paint, our table got painted as well. It was still wet out from the rain the night before. We get up and at em early around here.
Saturday morning painting and getting extra messy.....
They let Dylan race too, he loved it.
Running through the obstacle course on Tuesday night.

Racing at the end of Tae Kwon Do on Tuesday night.

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