Sunday, July 26, 2009

That's what I love about Sundays..

We started our day with church and Bible School commencement. A quick trip to McDonald's gor lunch. We ate lunch and dinner at our picnic table. Lunch was HOT dinner was pleasant at sundown around 8pm. This afternoon my sweet hubby did lots of yard work. The boys found this to be tons of fun. The tree in the front was in severe need of pruning and the boys pretended to be Sabertooth Tigers and climb on all the branches. We rested inside for a bit then went back to church tonight. I left after training union to come home since Michael took off work tonight. I fixed dinner while they burned a few limbs and jumped on the trampoline. We ended our night outside at 8 with dinner. Then bath, books and bed. Fun, relaxing day. It's always nice when Michael's home all day.
Dalton (sabertooth tiger) ready to pounce on Dylan the tiger.
Just Dalt
Just Dyl
Playing together so nicely.
Dylan after eating a tomato straight from the garden. The best way to eat them.
The boys jumping, Dalton saw something, plane or bird. Sweet sweet boys. They stayed awake to read books. We read until 10 and no one had a nap. The will be up at 7 regardless. I wish I had their energy:)

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