Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Summer Day

Only one week of my summer left. We have teacher inservice beginning August 5th, then we'll all be working for fall break. Isn't that crazy we just wish our lives away!! I just wish away the time away from my family. I have truly enjoyed every second of this summer, it's gone by WAY WAY too fast. Since Bible School ended last night, we did NOTHING today. We played this morning in a tent in the yard, Dalton chased around a rabbit. He said "rabbits are fast, I thought they hopped not run" He's so funny. Later in the day my precious 2 year old Dylan said "what are you saying woman" he was just quoting a scene from Madagascar, but still it was so funny. Without further delay here are some new pics.

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Georgia said...

Boys look like they are having a great time. I am like you. Don't want to wish my life away but when it comes to work, I'm always wishing for the breaks. Love being home with my baby!!! See you soon