Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday night with the Bryants

I know that my life and family are different than most peoples. We don't do a whole lot, we don't have a lot of company, we don't go over to friends houses. We spend alot of time together and we enjoy each others company. For that I am so Thankful!!
Today we did a whole lot of nothing. I cleaned this morning and everyone pitched in. I wish I had gotten pictures of Dylan cleaning the windows and doors. Dalton said "okay we all need a job, I'll go water the window and the ferns." This SOUNDS great then you realize there's a planter out front that he likes to make real muddy and dig in.
Michael and Dalt went fishing at 5:30 this morning. They were home by 8. We went back fishing at 6 tonight. Watching my boys enjoy fishing is so sweet. They just laughed and played together. Dalton caught 3 fish, only one was a keeper. Poppa skinned it and Dylan said "hey dammy (Grammy) we have bones" Grammy: "yes Dyl we do, where are your bones" Dylan: "in our chicken wings" Grammy:"you have bones in you too Dyl" Dyl: "No, we don't, I duv you, Bye"
Funny boy.
As I type Michael and Dalton have run to the store to buy bacon. In the pictures he is in the garden picking a tomato for a bacon and tomato sandwich. It's 9:00 here and we're still outside!! That's where we stay, y'all know that!!

My sweet honey and Dylan in the garden picking tomatos. Frog catching is great at 9pm. Look at that smile.
This is the cactus that Dalt transplanted today. It stayed on our carport last night and this morning he decided to plant and water it, he kept saying in a few days it's going to grow.This is Chance The Turtle Bryant. I think he loves our late nights.
And finally, this is the view over my left shoulder as I typed this entry. He's waiting to watch Lightning McQueen on the computer. Precious! Life is good! I love my family!

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