Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. We had a faculty meeting after school, tee ball (eventful), and a board meeting. I had to rush getting the boys and then getting milk (2 stores), going home and getting Dalton dressed. Friday I will be more prepared and have all of his clothes laid out. I thought I was prepared enough but the little things were scattered about. Our next few games until May are on Friday at 5:30. We will have one in May on the 14th I think. That's a Thursday.

After I got done with tee ball yesterday, I went to the board meeting with Dylan. I left Dalton at the game with Nana and PaPaw, they offered to keep him with them while Gabe and Hayden played ball. The board meeting was over when I got there at 6:20. It started at 6 and ended about 6:10. Pretty uneventful, but I did get to see our superintendent and principal, assistant principal and board members. Meeting and talking is the most important part anyway.

I'm tired today and feeling a little under the weather. I feel like I stay tired. I would love a day to just rest. Summer's coming, maybe I can get one then.

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