Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday, Monday

After school we had to run to the mall to pick up Mama's mothers day gift. She wanted a slide for her slide bracelet. I loaded up the boys and picked up Daddy and we headed to Belk in Auburn. It took about 30 minutes to select the correct one and then we ate dinner at the food court and headed home. That's my kind of shopping and Daddy's too. We took the rest of the boys dinner to Michael at work then headed home for play time outside. It was already 7:30 so they didn't play out for long. It was time for bath and then books and bed. The boys were great. The whole ride to Auburn was humorous. They would fight, then laugh and fight and laugh.
Dalton was trying to teach Dylan to wink. I wish I had my camera with me, because that would have been the pic to take. Dalt was holding one of Dyl's eyes open then said okay close the other eye. It was too funny.
I talked to both sisters, cousin Christy, and cousin in law Jennifer last night. They were all quick conversations but it was nice to touch base. I need to call and check on my cousin Nick. He just had rotator cuff surgery. I hope the recovery is going good for him. Y'all say an extra prayer for him tonight.
We have a faculty meeting after school today then tonight is tee ball and a board meeting at 6. Busy afternoon! This morning the boys had pictures at school and Dalt will have graduation pics soon and graduation on May 8th. Wow! I can't believe he will be here with me next year in big school. How exciting!
Don't let the Easter season die...Our Lord is still alive and on His throne. How exciting. I'm so ready to see His face!

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