Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday already!

Thanks Denise for this video!!! It's hilarious!

Yesterday we went to Target to get an animal for the boys being good in church and Dyl not having any accidents. While we were looking at the animals for not having accidents, he had an accident! I kept asking if he needed to potty and he said no ma'am. He was dancing about vigorously, then all of a sudden he was still! He just looked down and yep, his pants were wet. I had to go buy a pair of 4 dollar shorts because I had new undies, but no pants! I bought 24 month shorts and they are too big in the waist, especially with no undies under them. (they were in the car) After we finished eating dinner (Pizza Hut in Target) we walked out to the car in the freezing cold wind. I was walking rather fast and holding Dyl's hand he kept saying something and then when I finally heard him he was yelling "mine pants is falling"....he had on no undies and the lady behind us was just rolling laughing! All of us were laughing uncontrollably by the time we got to the car. After a whirlwind hectic trip in Target, we needed that laughter! I love my sweet sweet boys. There is never a dull moment!

Dalton has truly become his brothers keeper. In the buggy yesterday he said "Dylan you need to sit on your bottom like Mama said, you really need to obey her" Then this morning he told me that Dyl had to go potty, I called Dylan to the bathroom and he didn't come. I heard Dalton say "Dylan she ain't coming to get you, you better go to her". Last night he kept telling Dylan to lay down and go to sleep then he popped Dylan on the hand because Dyl was keeping him awake. Dylan got tired of his bossiness I guess because he bit Dalton on the back of the neck. Dalt is my big helper though he really has grown up way too fast!

My friend Jennifer has an awesome camera, it takes rapid shots!! She took some pics of Dalt at the game on Saturday so I thought I'd post a few of them.

Listening to Daddy:)

The scoop,

The throw!

Playing in the dirt!

Holding Daddy's hand!

Those red hands! He really loved that dirt! Thank you Jennifer!

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