Monday, April 6, 2009

Susie's Retirement Dinner

There was a great turn out at the retirement party. Dalton didn't eat a thing not even his favorite chips and dip. He kept saying he felt sick. He said that several times on the way home too. The party was on Saturday night after a long hot day. He had his surgery on Thursday so he still is not 100%. He's tired alot and says his throat hurts. We just give Tylenol and let him rest as much as possible. I hope his day at school today goes great. We had to leave the party early on Saturday. It started at 7 and we left at 8:22 because the boys were getting tired and restless and we still had to go buy shoes for easter and some pipe cleaners for butterfly making at the Easter Egg hunt for church on Saturday.
PaPaw and Nana visiting.

PaPaw and Nana and the boys.

Hayden and Dalton playing peek a boo around the bench. We had to end this game quickly. They would have gotten a little carried away:)

Michael's brothers Matt on the right and Mark on the left. Mark was sitting by Matt's wife Tina.
Tina and Gabe, I had to take this one quick. He didn't want to look at me and smile.

These are the Elam church members who were able to come. Mr. George and Mrs. Janet, my Mama and Daddy, Mr. Jesse and Mrs. Brenda and Mrs. Carol and Mr. Gary.

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