Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Pics

They race dump trucks and dig up all the rocks in our drive way!!
My sweet Dalt showing me the flowers he just picked for me. (Dandilions but I have tons and I love each one!)

Dylan at the Christmas parade after eating my special K snack bar. He's saying cheese. He always looks like this in all of his pics. I've got to make him stop saying cheese.

Dylan will drag them both around in this little cozy coupe. Strong legs, it's a good thing Dalton's skinny.

Riding the four wheeler. Dalton wants a new one, a REAL one. And a REAL motorcycle. Our boy loves speed.

I am so proud of my neice and nephew. Both received all A's on their report cards! Eli and Anna Beth, keep up the great work! I love yall, smarties. Dalton also got a good report from preschool yesterday. Mrs. Leah wrote a note that said, "He is going to do GREAT in kindergarten, he is ready. He is a sweet boy!" This is what I know, he is precious, I'm so glad he's behaving well enough to allow others to see it as well. Mrs. Julie who used to keep him knew it, but she had him from birth to 4 years old.
When I picked the boys up yesterday Dalton was moping around. He said that some boys were mean to him. He said "they're all strong and I'm not strong" I told him that Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek and forgive others. I've asked him not to play with people who are mean, but he really wants to fit in with them. He was so tired, he fell asleep on the way home from McDonalds. I took him there to try to cheer him up. It worked, but he was pooped. We got home had baths, played the Wii, played trains, and read books. They went straight to bed and to sleep. They were angels.
Dylan asked for a candy cane and I told him I didn't have one and he said "yes you are" the other night Dalton said "I'm going to throw this at you" Dylan said "you betta don't". I caught Dylan kneeling at the potty praying on MOnday. He put his car on top of the toilet and said, "Dear God thank you for my lightning mcqueen" Matt and Tina gave him this remote control Lightning for his birthday and he loves it. He sleeps with it every night. Every trip we go on, it goes too. Even if we're just going to the grocery. He loves lightning.
My cousin's sons (Cole) surgery went well yesterday. They got right in at 6:30 and he slept alot yesterday. Please keep his healing in your prayers. Also Sabastian (don't know the last name), a 17 year old boy with leukemia just passed away last night. Please pray for his family and be thankful for the blessings you have. Ella is having chemo today please pray for an uneventful day for the Norris'. Also my cousin Staci has Chrone's (spelling??) Disease. She just had surgery last week where there was an obstruction and they removed part of her colon. She had to go back this morning due to extremely intense pain. She is exhausted mentally and physically and has a 4 year old son. Please pray.

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Jennifer Stephens said...

Luke normally watches fireworks from the truck. This year he stayed outside with us the whole time on New Years Eve. He even did a roman candle. He is getting much braver. I am not sure that I like it or not!