Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great Weekend

It was a nice long weekend!! However, it was still too short. We went to Eli's 9th birthday party. I can't believe he's nine. He's such a kind and loving 9 year old. Children just grow up too fast. I have always had trouble taking Dalton places by myself, but this time was great. He was great at the party and on the ride to and from. I am so proud!
Dylan is growing too fast. He is trying to say everything! He is really hung up on Lightning McQueen. He takes the cars to bed with him at night and loves to run them through the toy car wash. Last night he was feeding Dalton's new T-Rex popcorn. He also pretended to change his diaper! Dalton didn't like that too much. He told Dylan to stop doing girly things with his dinosaur. So then we had to take the dinosaur out to the trampoline so Dalton and Dylan could both jump on it. They are too funny. All boy!
Content that's how I feel this morning! Way too blessed to be stressed!! Hope you have a great day too.

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Jennifer Stephens said...

I can't belive he is that old either! Dn't kids just love birthday parties? Luke lives for the cake, ha!