Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Confession is good for the soul:)

I have a confession that I must make. Our oldest son Dalton is four. He is ALL boy, however, up until this past week he has been getting into our bed to sleep. He slept by himself when he was a baby until he was about 16 months old. At 16 months he began getting ear infections and in order for us to get some sleep we placed him in our bed. He's been falling asleep in his bed, but getting into ours around 2 or 3 in the morning. None of us get good rest because he is a wiggler. Now that you know that we have been terrible parents, know that we are getting better!! He has slept in his bed every night this week. Last night he slept without getting up even once. I have been getting up when he gets up and putting him back in his bed about two times each night, but not one time last night did he get up. Hooray, Dalton!! We're are so proud of him, he can do it. I knew that he could, I was just unsure about me. But I did it too! Yeah me!! Last night Dylan, the nearly two year old, who never wakes up in the middle of the night, woke up. I went in patted him and we all went back to sleep. It was a good night and now I look forward to many many more! Dalton is getting a reward of some kind today. I plan on getting him signed up for soccer as well. I'm sure there will be many stories to tell about that!
Yesterday was another great day. We played outside all afternoon. Michael found a turtle and left it in a box on the table for them to admire. We had to set it free when we got home. Racing dump trucks, riding bikes, sliding, blowing bubbles and of course jumping on the trampoline make up our typical evenings. After we got in the boys took a bath, I cooked, we read, and they went to bed. Peaceful cleaning and then I went to bed.
I've been reading the Power of a Positive Mom (thanks Lee Lee) and boy do we have huge responsiblities ladies. I love knowing that I have that much influence most of the time, but sometimes it's scary. Last night I read about the temptation of the pity party. No matter how hard our lives seem I know that my Saviour suffered more! How can we have pity parties when we think about that. Thank you Jesus for saving me and for allowing me to have good and bad days with my loved ones!! Yall have a good day!


Jennifer Stephens said...

YAHOO Dalton!!! I need to make sure to tell his cousin Luke this to see if it will make him want to sleep in his bed. The only time in two years he has slept in his bed was the night yall spent the night. He still talks about that! I have been considering biting the bullet and moving him into his own bed but just cannot do it. With Cole sleeping through the night, I am so thankful for sleep that I do not want to rock the boat right now. One day we will do it though!

I think I need to read that same book b/c boy do I love pity parties sometimes!!! I need to get more committed to being "in" God's Word. And to quit saying that and DO it!

Denise said...

I am happy for Dalton too! But Mrs.Bryant why can I hear you actually telling this story.