Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well....my parents are moving! Many of you may already know this, but I wanted to share it for those that do not. My dad has accepted a call to Plantersville Baptist Church in Plantersville Alabama. I am excited for them and so so so sad for us. I realize how I have taken for granted their presence in my life. They have always been there. I moved here and started my life here because they were here. I'vve never chosen a church on my on it's been because of my parents. I've not sat under the teachings of any other preacher in almost 20 years! My daddy is a wonderful man of God who is going to complete a mission elsewhere. My mom has always taught along beside him. My mom is like a safe. Whatever you tell her is not going to be repeated and she will council you on how your feeling and how God wants you to react no matter who you are.

Just the other day I called my parents to learn how to make gravy. We have this same conversation EVERY time I try to make gravy and it never turns out. But Mama offered to come up here and show me how. An offer that won't be made in a week. My daddy comes up here and works in the garden and sees the boys EVERY day! Not anymore. As I type this there are tears in my eyes. I will miss my parents TREMENDOUSLY!! I am so thankful for their presence in my life and so are my boys. They have cried as well, but the absence of their grandparents will grow obvious is the everyday things around here. My heart is heavy and I try to deal by putting it out of my mind. Please pray for us. Pray for my parents as they excitedly start this new endeavor and pray for my boys that they will get used to our new normal.

I love you mama and daddy and you are already missed!


Susan said...

Bless your heart, Ashley! You were the first one I asked your mom and dad about. I know it is going to be so hard but you can and will make it work. They are servants of the Lord and we would not want it any other way. Believe me, we have been apart from them for so many years but when we talk or see each other, it is as if we never have left. However, I do realize there is no one like Mama and Daddy. I am praying for all of you including Don and Rosaline. This is going to be a change for all. Keep your chin up and its okay to shed tears. It is good for the soul! Love y'all,

Aunt Susan

Lloyd said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. I would like to invite you to come over to my blog and check it out. God's blessings. Lloyd