Thursday, October 15, 2009


Well...we're still here it's been a long time since Sept 8th. So sorry for the delay, posting pictures on here just takes so so so long. I have to give it up for Christy, she posts almost daily and posts lots of pics. I just don't have the patience. Sorry.

Anyway, we've been busy. Dyl obviously by now has gotten his cast off. He now runs around saying, "I've got two hands" When we tried to open things for him, he would say "No, I dood it I got two hands now" Very independant.

Dalton accepted Jesus as his Saviour. VERY PROUD PARENTS HERE!! We're absolutley elated to know that huge decision has been made so early. We know that he will still sin, but it's great to know that as a Christian Jesus blood still covers our sins. I'm just so glad that he's my brother in Christ and will be with me in eternity.

Dylan plays dress up ALL the time, he's either Woody, Buzz, a football player (with a baseball helmet that he calls a football helmet) or Darth Vader. He uses his imagination constantly. There is never a dull moment.

Dalt is now a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. He goes almost every night. We usually don't go on Friday's due to football games. It was neat seeing him test. He's so little and yet he can yell so big. He's really quite shy when he has to do things on his own.

They still both love school. We've been out for fall break this week, so Monday will be a tough morning. They've been sleeping til's really been nice.

As for me and my spouse, we're great. Michael is now working 4 ten hour days AND every Friday. He was told he'd have Fridays off, but maintenance CAN'T be off when machines still run, so he's there. It's okay we get at least 10 hours of overtime each week. I am just still loving teaching girls PE. Makes me all the more sure that I want no more children in case one is a girl:)

Now for the pics.

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Leigh Ann said...

Girls really are GREAT too!!!!!