Saturday, August 29, 2009

Zoo Saturday

We went to the zoo today. What a beautiful day it was. Michael had to go into work. A machine broke so he didn't get to play with us. We took lunch to him before we went to the zoo and then got to the zoo about 11:30. We ran up on some friends. Lincoln went to preschool with Dalton and now they are both at RES. Getting to walk around with friends was great we both walk around at about the same pace so it was lots of fun. We got home about 5:30 so it was a long fun day. Both boys were pooped on the ride home, Dylan fell asleep instantly. They were both whining and complaining about how their legs hurt on the way to the car, the people walking out behind us were just laughing. At one point Dalton said "I'm dying" that really made the family behind us crack up. Fun Fun Day. Thank you God for another great day. Each day is a new blessing can't wait to see what tomorrow holds:)

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