Thursday, July 16, 2009

Surgery Day

These pics were the day of Dylan's ear tube placement and adnoidectomy. He started out happy, although he had been throwing up from 3-5:30. I thought we should call and cancel, Michael said throwing up has nothing to do with the ears, let's go. So I followed the Man of the House and off we went. Dyl played and played in the room where they did all the paper work and got him ready to go. He is Michael's mini me. They look so much alike it just amazes me. After surgery he was not a happy camper, his only complaint was that he didn't want that thing on his foot and he wanted them to take it off now so that we could go home. It didn't happen for about 30 minutes, so he fell asleep while patiently waiting. He did great, afterwards we picked up our Dalton from Michael's mom's house. He enjoyed getting to stay with Nana and PaPaw although he said "I thought it would be alot of fun without Dylan, but it wasn't." They really enjoy each others company. When we left without Dalt from Church Sunday night Dylan said "Is DawDaw in this car" I said " no" He said "I want him in here not with Nana, I want to go with Nana too." Dalton had a couple of surprises for us. Two lizards. We went to Toys R Us and then the family came in that afternoon. It was a busy day. But good.

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