Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Surfside Tuesday

Me and my boys before our trip.
We went to Surfside today. Probably the last time we'll get to go before school starts. We like Tuesdays because I get in free with a child. Dylan is free because he's 2.

Last Tuesday Nana and Gabe went with us and today Nana and Hayden went with us. Next Tuesday Dylan has his post op visit and then I start school on Wednesday. Our summer is quickly fading.
We got away from Surfside with only one injury. Dylan fell out of the back of the car after our picnic and landed on his back on the curb. He is one tough booger, he cried for a few minutes and then he was better. We had a GREAT day and are enjoying a relaxing movie in a tent made with sheets. It's rainy weather outside that's great! We need the rain and the timing was GREAT. As soon as we loaded up from Surfside the sky turned black and it began to sprinkle. We enjoyed our Sonic milkshakes in the rain on the way home. One more relaxing summer day down and tons of other relaxing days with my boys left, just have to squeeze in a lot of stuff in the evening starting Wed, like most working moms do. I'm so thankful God allowed me to be a teacher to share 8 entire weeks with my beautiful boys.

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