Friday, July 31, 2009

Family Friday

Michael had a family weekend this weekend. We got up and went to Chuck E Cheese then to the mall to ice skate. We hit up Target on our way home for some supplies for Dalton. He got a backpack, seeing him with it on walking down the aisle just made me tear up. I can't believe he starts kindergarten, my baby. Hard to believe that time flies that fast. I remember standing over the stove cooking vicks vapo rub just so I could breath when I was pregnant with him. Seems like yesterday. Anyway, this is what we want...we want them to grow up and be mature and independant and Kindergarten is part of that process. I just think that once they start, our time is measured in summers and falls and then they are seniors!!!

So after we got home from Target Michael loaded up tree limbs to take off and we went swimming. Came home ate pizza and the boys are in bed. I asked if they had a good day and they both said yes. Dylan said "I couldn't ask for a better mom" so sweet. Makes it all worthwhile, even getting up at 6am after staying up til 12am. I love being a mommy! I love my boys, all three, Dalton Dylan and Michael. Life is good and God is great!

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Donna Giles said...

WOW! That rainbow is BEATIFUL! When did you see that.
Anna Beth