Monday, May 18, 2009

PARTY!! is the day. My 30th birthday. It really hasn't been bad at all. My boys got right out of bed and there was no fussing, they were both so loving and got dressed quickly and easily. And they wished me a happy birthday with no prompting. THe singing parents called at 6:30, as I told Michael bye he said "come back...Happy Birthday, I Love you", Leigh Ann called at 7:15 on my way to work and Donna called as I pulled in the parking lot. Such thoughtful family. I used to think 30 was SOOOOO old. It's really not. It's all a frame of mind. I like to think I'm a young 30. My Daddy will be 60 in August and he is for sure a YOUNG 60.

My sweet family organized a successful surprise birthday party for me at Niffers. I think they've been planning it for a month and I knew nothing about it. It was so fun. All of my family was there including my sweet inlaws and sisters who traveled hours just for the party. It was great. I was so surprised it really brought tears to my eyes to realize that everyone there took time out of their busy weekend to celebrate my birthday. Thank you all for coming. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. I will add pictures from the party later, I didn't have my camera but other people had cameras so maybe I'll have a few to upload.

Leigh Ann and Jamie celebrated their 12th anniversary on the 17th. Wow I can't believe it's been 12 years. They have done a lot and been a lot of places in 12 years. They have a great marraige, an excellent example for younger couples. Happy Belated Anniversary, the card's in the mail. I did talk to her on the day though so don't think I forgot.

We're done with tee ball. We have a end of season bash on May 30th at 3:30. It's costing $15.00 to go and get a trophy. We paid 35 to play and bought snacks for the game...Not sure what all that paid for. We did get a shirt and pair of socks. Maybe that cost 35. Oh well it's only money...can't take it with you. And who better to spend it on than my children.

My nephew Gabe graduated from preschool Sunday afternoon. Congrats Gabe!! Look out Kindergarten!

Tomorrow is the MRI for ELLA NORRIS. IF you haven't been praying for her please start now. Her mom could use some peace. PRay that the MRI shows no tumor....We have not because we ask not. We have a BIG GOD and He can do BIG things. No tumor is possible with God. Have a great day!! (Christy you have to tell me how you got them to vacuum, I wish mine would,oh well)

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