Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tee Ball pics...

Rough and tough boy.
Grammy got to come to another game. This is only the second for her to attend. She works til 5 and games are at5:30, the drive home from Montgomery takes a little longer than 30 minutes. I was glad she got to come enjoy a little of it and so were the boys.

Poppa's boy.

Nana's bubble,
Dylan's bubble. Check out the sunglasses.

an another of the glasses. and just one more from a previous day. I just think it's so funny that he never puts them on right and there are a million wrong ways to do it.
Offering a sucker and thena hug. They really do love each other.
Refreshing drink during tee ball.

Check out those ears. Too cute.
The next three are the progression of a kiss.

The pucker,
The Kiss.

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