Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy Weekend!

WOW! This weekend was jam packed! It was fun and filled with family on both sides so it was great. Friday started with a tee ball game. Dalton did good. He clucked like a chicken when he was in the outfield, but he wasn't playing in the dirt. There really was no dirt...we played at the rodeo field. I love living in the country.
Saturday began at 8am with an Easter Egg Hunt at the church. Lots of kids and lots of eggs! It was fun. I hope they understand the true meaning of Easter, it was shared a lot! Saturday afternoon was Jill's party in B'ham. It was from 4-6. We had tons of fun playing with all the kids and seeing all the family. Leigh Ann throws a great party. We didn't get home til 9 and we left at 6:30....we had to stop at 2 wal marts looking for mac and cheese. One was sold out. I guess that was everyone's idea for Easter lunch.
Sunday morning we had a sunrise service at 6:30. The boys went with me after we had the Easter Bunny at the house. We hunted eggs at our house after the sunrise service. Then we had our church cantata. It went great. Afterwards we went to Mamas and had lunch and hunted eggs and played outside until about 4:30 at which point my children asked to go home. That never happens! They were so pooped. LONG and BUSY weekend, but great!
Thank you Jesus for choosing to die for me. I don't know why you love me so much but I'm eternally grateful and can't wait to see you face to face to tell you so!
Oh our washing machine motor burned up. Michael is supposed to order another one today. Thanks Mama and Daddy for letting me do laundry at your house. She thought she was going to wash, dry and fold all of them...but I caught her folding the first load and took the rest home wet. My dryer does still work. I'll upload some pics later.

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Boy That Sounds like a lot and It is funny!

Anna Beth can talk! Oh Boy!! Not another mess of talking buiness!!