Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Had to go grocery shopping after I picked up the boys yesterday. I wanted some fresh fruits and veggies. The boys were great! They watched a movie while I fixed dinner and then we ate. Bath time was next and they played again with no water. Then we played games, Hungy Hippos and The Armor of God. Books were next and then bed. They went straight to sleep. It was a great night. They were asleep by 8:45 and I wasn't far behind.
This morning Daddy took Dylan so Michael could take Dalton for his 5 year check up. We played dinosaur extinct before I got ready this morning and I still made it to work at 7:15. Yay me! Dylan loves to roll the dice. After church tonight I'm sure there will be more game play. I plan on making Anything Soup for dinner. I hope that is as easy to cook as it seems. It's a Rachel Ray recipe so Dalton will love to help me cook it.

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