Monday, March 2, 2009


The boys in the snow!! This is the only pic of them together. We had a blast.

Dalton and snow mountain. With the dino on top!
I can't believe we got so much snow here in Alabama! Dalton needed it. He was up all Saturday night throwing up. He started at 5:30 Saturday morning and it lasted til 1:30 Sunday morning. He threw up again at 6:30 Sunday morning, but I think that was due to nausea medicine. He was pitiful. He asked to be carried out to watch it snow. But by the time he got out there, he was playing. He hadn't eaten since lunch on Friday, so by lunch on Sunday he ate some goldfish soup and pears. He seemed to be great all day. He was precious, it's awful to watch your babies be so sick. No one else has caught it yet, pray that we don't.

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