Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I'm taking this idea from Christy's blog. Things that made me smile today.....hmmmm

I woke up to "where mine trucky, where mine trucky (long silence followed by..) "MAMA, (crying) where my trucky"...."MAMA" Dylan lost his truck in the covers. By the time I figured out what he was saying (Dalton translated) I was laughing.

Getting home I saw a note that Michael wrote to us that morning on the board. It said "I love you all very much and hope you have a great day at your schools". We all smiled. They boys hadn't seen Michael since Sunday afternoon. He went to work during their nap time and they didn't see him til this morning (Tuesday). They miss him soooo much.

Lastly...I put the boys in the bath and went out to start some laundry. When I came back in Dylan was naked as a jay bird standing in front of the TV with his hands on his hips watching Little People Big World. The TV had been off so he got out turned it on and stood there watching, he had to be freezing!! Then when I asked what he was doing he took off running back to the tub. Out comes Dalton naked as a jay bird. He said "I know I know that I'm out of the bath, but I'm just looking for Doc "(the car). When I walked in the bathroom behind Dalton, there was no water in the tub and they were driving their cars around in the empty tub. I just let them play until they got done.

These guys (Michael, Dalton and Dylan) make me smile millions of times every day. I'm so happy that God has allowed me to be a part of their lives!

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