Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh No!

Oh Yes...Oh Yes she did, my sister called me out. Okay so here is a new post! We start T-ball tomorrow. Dalton played soccer this fall and it was his first organized sport. It went okay, I'm a little worried about how t-ball will go. He's five and he thinks it baseball, but he can't play baseball until he's 6. He really doesn't even call it t-ball. We'll see how Thursday goes.

Yesterday was a good day. Mama had her surgery and looks and acts great. I know this is due to prayers. So...thank you all for praying. They stopped by the house on their way home and the boys were so excited to see them. Dylan wanted to go home with them. He kept grabbing Daddy and saying "I want to go wif you". He played in the garden with his dinosaurs. He calls them "bad guys". He's been having to use his inhaler a couple of times a day. .When the weather changes it's really hard on him. Dalton is taking his medicine like a champ and we're scouring his teeth after each dose to keep it from building up on his teeth. We played outside last night til 8:00 and they got in bed at 9. It just stays light outside for longer now and I just can't go in. I cooked early last night so they ate early then we played out all evening. Dalton admitted to being pooped. That is a first!

Every day Michael has been leaving notes for me on the bathroom mirror. Dalton is with me when I read them and I always say "I love your Daddy he is the best" "He is such a great man" yesterday Michael wrote and note that said "you are so beautiful to me.." and Dalton said "I love that man" It's so funny the things they pick up. They listen even when we think they don't. He told me Monday that he was going to marry the woman that God made just for him and they are going to be so happy. He also said he is going to work hard every day to "provide" her with all the things they need. He said I'm going to make enough money so she can have all the things she needs. HE'S ONLY FIVE. He listens and thinks every day. Ladies better get in line, he's going to be a good one!

We've been reading each night from Samuel. Dalton really pays attention because there is a lot of fighting going on. He really likes David. I pray that one day God will say that we are people after God's heart.

Donna, I called you back last night, about 4 minutes after you called. I'll be in the car with cell phone in hand at 3:20 today. I know you'll be on the phone with Leigh Ann but I don't care, I'm beeping in. So...I'll talk to you today no matter what.

Y'all have a good day!

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