Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy Weekend

We enjoyed a nice Friday afternoon. Daddy picked up the boys early (around 2) and I picked them up at his house.

Dylan loves Sam!
Dalton played baseball. The batteries were dying in the ballgame, so the ball never got very high off the ground, he swang as if it were going to get higher. Of course he missed, but he swang anyway! After leaving we went to get my car detailed then to McDonalds. We didn't get home til 8pm. Late night, but then we watched a movie. They didn't get to bed til 10:50 and were up at 6 the next morning.
Saturday morning we made pancakes. Daddy came by and Dylan had to show him his bo-bo.

Then Farmer Bryant went to plow a garden spot for us. This tiller is soooo old. But it still works, it will just beat you to death.

Daddy brought up the new tiller and they negotiated a trade. We went to the doctor after this. Dalton said his ear hurt. We have an ENT appt. on Tuesday March 24th at 2pm. I'm ready to have the tubes replaced to stop the constant infections.
After we left the doctor, we went to Sams and got a pizza. It was dinner Saturday night and.....
breakfast Sundya morning! I left them in the chair watching Veggitales while I showered and when I got out this is what I found.

Silly boys. We played outside last night after church til about 8:30. The boys came in and bathed then were in bed by 9. Long and fun weekend. We're looking forward to a fun week!

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