Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today's Love Dare

Yesterday I was supposed to buy something to let Michael know that I was thinking of him all day. So I picked his watch up from the house and took it to get a new battery. I was going to take it to him and tell him that I think about him All the TIME. But the watch man wasn't in. He'll be in today. So I went to the store and bought them a honey bun and told him he was my hunny bunny. Corny, but that's me kinda corny. He appreciated it anyway. So today the dare is to be thoughtful. My challenge is to call him and tell him I am thinking about him and see if he needs anything. I call him everyday just to see how his day is. So this challenge won't be out of the ordinary either. So far it's been easy, but it does encourage me to think more about making him happy. I like that!! I'm posting pictures of Christmas later today. Hey Christy, we got Tinkertoys from Santa too!! I saw your pics and thought that Santa really knows 5 year olds!! I'll have to post some of Dalton's inventions later.

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