Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some of the neices and nephews

These are my sisters' children. I don't have current ones of Michael's side with me but I'll post some of Gabe and Hayden later. They are cuties too!
Katie Donna's youngest, 3 years old. She was born in May and Jill was born in April. They love each other, just like sisters! They even talk on the phone to one another. Look out phone bills!! She's doing gymnastics now. She is a cutie! She looks so much like Donna did when she was little. Little miss priss.
Eli, Leigh Ann's oldest. 9 already. TKD and Soccer are his specialties!Straight A student!

Anna Beth Donna's oldest 7 years. She is on to basketball and gymnastics now!! Straight A student!
Leigh Ann's daughter Jill 3 years old. Isn't she precious! Looks just like Leigh Ann.
I'm so proud of all my neices and nephews. I don't have any photos of Luke yet. Leigh Ann send me some!! Love yall!


Anonymous said...

They are all precious....such good pictures of them. Thanks for posting them. We love you all and will see you all soon.

Aunt Carol & Harry

Wendy Jones Moseley said...